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No Place For Hate

(Page numbers relate to appearance in No Place for Hate education pack)

Introductory Activities

'New Neighbours' activity - sets of new neighbours for print (page 8)

Identity and Culture

Inside the EDL - Populist Politics in a Digital Age
- DEMOS report, Jamie Bartlett, Mark Littler (page 13)

Exploring Identity activity - Identity profiles and identity worksheet (page 15)

Culture in Britain activity - Culture cards set 1, set 2, set 3 (page 16)

Where Do We Get Our Ideas From?

Headlines & Facts Behind the Headlines (1,2,3,4) and Media Worksheet - The Media and The Media and Minority Groups (pages 26, 27)

Challenging Far-Right Attitudes and Myths

Guidelines for Educators on Countering Intolerance and Discrimination Against Muslims - OSCE, ODIHR. Useful approaches to addressing Islamophobia through education. (page 31)

Why do People Move? activity (page 32)

Migrant Profiles activity - Migrant Profile story cards and Migrant Profile Worksheet (page 34)

List of Countries in the European Union (page 34)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights and further information (page 39)

Political Interest and Engagement Among Young People - Joseph Rowntree Foundation research (page 41)

When Ideas Turn to Action

Escalation of Hate(part 1) (part 2) activity (pages 42,43)
Pyramid of Hate activity and downloadable pyramid  (page 43)

James's story (page 45)

EDL factsheet (page 50)

Debating the EDL worksheet (page 50)

BBC This World -
'Norway's Massacre' documentary
- To be used in conjunction with Anders Behring Breivik activity, (page 52)

Moving Forward

Suggested drama websites (page 54) Drama Resource and Drama Toolkit

Action Plans worksheet (page 56)

Guidance for Initial Teacher Trainers - Show Racism the Red Card guidance for dealing with racist incidents (page 58)

Creating a Positive School Environment

Uniform policy guidelines - from the NUT and Direct Gov (page 60)

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