Players' Views

Dean Ashton


If you suffer from racism you’ve got to do the right thing. Try your best not to retaliate, that only eggs on the people who are giving the racist abuse out. You’ve got to tell the right people, the people closest to you, and even the police and let them deal with it properly because there is no place for it and they will get it dealt with. The staff and the volunteers who work at the club are putting in all their energy and the kids that come are fantastic but it’s them who’ve got to relate it back to the streets, and relate to the other kids that it’s not right to do it and I think that’s the most important thing that the kids themselves realise that it’s wrong and tell their friends and try and make them understand as well.

To someone being racist I’d say that they’ve got to perhaps put the shoe on the other foot and think how they would feel if they or their family were being abused. I’m sure they wouldn’t like it and I think if they took the time out to think about that then they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing. There is no place for it in society and in football and eventually they’ll become the outcasts.

It’s really important that players and famous people get involved with campaigns like Show Racism the Red Card, because we’d like to think that we’re the role models for kids these days and its important that we show them that racism’s not right.

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