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Ryan Giggs


Yes, I mean I’ve said before to look at me when you think that my dad was black, but he was quite a famous rugby player where we were growing up so everyone knew that obviously he was my dad, and yes, I used to get a little bit of stick at school. So I mean it’s something that I had when I was younger and something that obviously isn’t very nice and you know I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Hopefully you know we can try and eradicate it and you know treat everyone as equal.

Yes, well I probably went about it the wrong way really. I mean I kept it to myself. I was quite a quiet, shy, boy and you know what I should have done is tell the teachers and tell my parents. I don’t even think I told my parents I think I just got on with it and it wasn’t something that happened quite a bit it was a couple of one off, it was a couple of occasions really that it happened but I just kept it to myself. I knew that it was wrong and I knew that you know I maybe should have told someone but like I say I went about it the wrong way instead of sharing it with people and obviously making it a lot easier, I didn’t. Whether it be at school or whether it be at football, tell your coach or your teacher, or your parents, you know. It’s best to talk to someone because I know that it worried me and like I say I was quite a quiet, shy lad when I was younger, I had just moved into the area really. So like I say if I could go back in time, you know, I would have done things differently. I would have told the teachers or my mum and dad.

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