Players' Views

Darcy Blake


Have you ever had any experiences of racism in the game or elsewhere?

Not really; I’ve seen it on television and things like that, but I have never experienced it myself. It is disgusting when it does happen to people – everyone is equal and I don’t see any reason why it should happen.

Do you enjoy being part of a dressing room with lots of different cultures and nationalities?

At Cardiff we have a lot of different nationalities; we have Scottish, Welsh, English, Hungarian, and Israeli, so there are a lot and I think it is positive. It’s good for people to come together from outside of Wales and Britain and learn what their different cultures are all about.

What would your advice be for any young people out there who are suffering from racist abuse and may be suffering in silence?

You need to just go out in the world and try to enjoy yourself but, if you do come across some abuse, you should definitely tell someone about it. You shouldn’t keep it locked up inside yourself because there are lots of people who can help you and try to sort the situation out.

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