Players' Views

Jason Lowe


Did you ever come across any racism while you were growing up?

Not too much personally, but I did see it when I was growing up and it is not something you like to see, especially in playgrounds as a young person.

Have you ever experienced racism in football?

I haven’t seen anything, no.

What advice would you give to a young person suffering from racist abuse?

Don’t hold it in and ‘suffer in silence’, as the saying goes. Definitely speak to your parents or teachers – anybody you can to get it off your chest.

Do you think people who have settled in Britain from other countries have added to British culture?

Yes I think so. It certainly helps to learn other walks of life or ways of life and I think it is good for society.

You obviously play with people from many different cultures – do feel you have learned or benefited from that in some way?

Yes, definitely, as you come across different cultures and different players have different ways of life. It definitely puts you in good stead for the outside world and I think if it happened more in the outside world it would be a better place.

Why do you think some people are racist?

I don’t really know but it could be jealousy or something about their egos, I’m not sure. I’ve never associated myself or my family with that kind of behaviour so I don’t know.

If you could give advice to somebody who was being racist, what would it be?

I would say you should think about your actions and what you are saying to other people – you need to take other peoples’ feelings into perspective. There is no room for racism in society or the game of football.

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